Transfer your crypto and wealth now into Gold Bullion during the crypto bear market.
Guaranteed BUY BACK at up to 110% of Daily Gold Prices
Cooksongold purchased in bulk by Cotswold Fine Jewellery Group + vaulted in UK
Insured with T.H March
Guaranteed Buy Back from Cotswold Fine Jewellery Group in USDT
Free storage
Collection of the physical gold asset (UK only)
Up to 110% Buy Back rate based on daily price
Daily Gold Prices USDT
How to buy
Gold NFTs

Cotswold Fine Jewellery Group

Cotswold Fine Jewellery Group is one of the oldest established jewellers in the UK and can trace its origins back as far as 1741.
Cotswold Fine Jewellery Group guarantee to Buy Back all gold NFTs (see protection and service for full details)
Cotswold Fine Jewellery Group

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Buy and Loan against NFTs attached to physical assets.

Would you like to diversify your portfolio using your cryptocurrency to buy items like gold, silver and diamonds? This will be made possible by purchasing NFTs which are attached to that specific asset. These will be stored and insured with one of our trusted partners. You can also redeem the goods by giving the NFT to the partner, who will then burn it and give you the asset. Loans can also be made available in stablecoin by using the physical goods as collateral.

Defi For You is a digital asset-backed finance and NFT trading platform

NFT Collateral
Crypto Asset-backed Finance

Open a digital asset shop and earn passive income by issuing secured stablecoin loans to users on the DeFi For You platform.

Crypto Pawnbroking
Trade NFTs

Put your NFTs on the market, or use them as collateral for a stablecoin loan. Get more liquidity from your NFTs without selling them.

Collateralized DeFi Loans
Collateralized DeFi Loans

Unlock liquidity in your crypto assets and NFTs by using them as collateral for a P2P secured stable coin loan.

Physical Asset Collateral
Physical Asset NFTs

Securely store physical assets with our one of trusted partners and have them turned into Hard NFTs which can be used as collateral in our DeFi lending platform.

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